Frequently Asked Questions

Sri Suhalaya

What about the newly threatening corona & Omigran diseases? Do you cure it?


Corona or Omigran (whatever may be the name) are respiratory diseases affecting the Lungs. If the Lung Field is cleared the cough and other dangerous symptonus like cough and breathlessness disappear. In out treatment the patients affected by Corona or Omigran (or any other related diseases) are becoming normal with in 30 minutes and no oxygen support is necessary. They breath easily and come to normal health. The Lung field is purified well. Within a week the patient is restored to normal health with good energy, vigour and vitality.

Is there any remedy to cure AIDS?

Certainly! God has bestowed us with everything to cure any kind of disease. The only trouble is that we have to invent or discover it.

Do you really cure Aids?

Yes I do.

What is your medicine?

It is Asian Indegenous Medicine or Alternative Medicine (Homoepathy, Bio-chemistry, Siddha, Ayurvedha, Unani & Electropathy) in a powdered form or Globule form or Liquid form. Definitely it is not an allopathic medicine.

How long it takes to cure?

It depends upon the constitution of people. As soon as the medicine is taken the HIV Virus is well controlled and the destructive process starts immediately. In 7 days minimum 30% of viruses are eliminated from the blood. To some people 50% to 80% of viruses are eliminated. You can verify this from the blood test reports given under (Proof of AIDS / HIV Cure). However our treatment is more effective than any other medicine.

How do you establish a cure?

At the commencement of the treatment we go for a blood test–Real Time PCR–Quantitative Analysis – (PCR–RNA–Polymerized Chain Reaction Test). It gives the correct viral load. After 10 days or 15 days we go for another same test. Surprisingly we see the viral load diminished and minimum 30% to maximum 85% viruses are destroyed. When the viral load reads < 500 or < 50 it is considered as undetected as per the norms. There are many kits which have different values. Some kits are referring < 70 as undetected. Every kit has got its own measurement or cut off value/index. In Elisa test they refer cut off value. This value also differs from kit to kit. Anyhow, after our treatment the patient turns negative in all kinds of tests.

Is there any side effect?

No! No side effect is reported so far. But sometimes some skin eruption comes out which is not a side effect. It is only a curing effect. In certain cases all the suppressed miasms come out and all the old diseases coming again in the same form which is also a cleaning process of the body. This is also not a side effect.

Is your medicine Siddha, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic?

You can call it in any way. But it is not allopathic medicine. It is only a mode of symptomatic treatment. Step by step we achieve a complete cure by treating the symptoms of the patients.

What about Elisa Test which reads or measures antibodies?

Antibodies are not viruses. Only antigen is very important. Antibodies are proteins which appear to mount a defense against invading antigens. Once Antigens are destroyed we can assure that the patient is without virus even though antibodies are present in the blood.

After HIV Positive patient has become negative how long he would continue in the same state? Would he again turn positive after sometime?

There is no possibility of emergence of the virus again in the blood. If he goes for unsafe sex again he would contract disease again. If he is a married person it is better to take a course of preventive measure for his sex partner/wife also even though they remain ‘HIV-Negative’ to avoid any invisible contamination. We have been checking this also periodically. So far the patient who was cured has not turned ‘HIV Positive’ again. The cure will be a permanent one. For example Mr. Adhithyan (Proof of AIDS / HIV Cure) who was completely cured and stopped all medicines was tested again after few months. The blood tests have proved that he remains ‘HIV-Negative’. Another Patient Born to HIV Parents who was HIV Positive during 2008 became HIV Negative in 2009 and Even in 2013 he remains HIV Negative Only. (See Proof Of Medical Certificates) This is a good proof of complete and permanent cure.

You mean the HIV – Positive patient turns HIV – Negative in all tests.?

Yes! We have achieved that also. You can verify this from the lab test reports (Proof of AIDS / HIV Cure)

A husband is HIV positive and his wife is HIV negative. They have sexual contact as usual periodically. Still the wife remains HIV negative. How is it?

A husband who is HIV Positive means his body has started resisting the disease and created antibodies. HIV Positive means “Antibodies present in the blood against the antigen which is called HIV.” If there are no antibodies in the blood of his sexual partner it does not mean that she is not having the disease. She may be in “window period” when antibodies are yet to develop. Sometimes the wife remains HIV Positive and the husband remains HIV Negative. The lady’s immune status has created antibodies at an earlier stage to safeguard her health. But in a husbands blood the havoc may be sleeping like a volcano. Without knowing this so many husbands suspect their wives that she might have got illicit contact with somebody else and contracted the disease. Sometimes during pregnancy the HERV (Human Endogenous Retro Virus) which has got close resemblance like HIV also cross reacts with HIV during blood test. Pregnant ladies are unnecessarily stamped as HIV Positive women. The Othellos leap like leopards suspecting their wives and contact their lawyers for divorce. These Othellos are foolish people induced and mocked by the Iago tests. Nowadays all the pregnant ladies are tested by Government to find out their HIV status. The HERV (Human Endogenous Retro Virus) increases during pregnancy time and develops fast to offer a protection to the foetus. Without knowing this truth that HERV resembles and cross reacts with HIV so many innocent ladies are charged for the crime in which they did not involve. Husbands must be very careful in this regard and should not suspect their wives. I have seen some cases like this. After delivery the woman becomes normal again and there is no HIV at all since there was no HIV in her blood but only HERV.

Do you believe that HIV exists?

I don’t believe so. The existence of HIV is still under debate and controversy (Refer: So many eminent Scholars, Virologists & Scientists are of the opinion that Dr. Robert Gallo & Dr. Luc Montagnier who claim to have invented HIV virus have not proved it as a Retro Virus. Dr. Eleni Papadopulos, a biophysicist and leader of a group of HIV/AIDS scientists from Perth in Western Australia has clearly stated in her research paper that HIV does not exist. In this regard, I would like you to refer her website “Does HIV exist?”. You will understand the truth. Further, Dr. Peter Duesberg, Professor of Molecular Biology, University of Berkely has clearly explained in his book “Aids & Syphilis, The Hidden Link” that HIV is not the real route cause of AIDS. I sustain and uphold his view and out of 18 years of my extensive research and experience with AIDS patients .I have also come to the conclusion that HIV/AIDS is nothing but just suppressed Syphilitic Miasm. Further I have come to the conclusion that it is a mixture of Dr. Samuel Hahnemanne’s three Chronic Miasms, Psora, Syphilis & Sycosis all combined together. Soon I am going to submit my research work and thesis with plenty of photographs to prove that HIV/AIDS is nothing but a combination of all three miasms Psora, Syphilis & Sycosis. I have succeeded in my attempt of eliminating HIV virus (or whatever it may be) and Antibodies from the infected & diseased personalities. The theory of Virus doesn’t hold any rank here. I would like you to refer Beauchamp in this regard. A little study of his views and other comments would clearly explain the truth which I have given below.


“When the cells of living organism are diseased”, says Beauchamp, “it means the microzymas are diseased, and they give rise to what is erroneously called pathogenic bacteria”.

Thus we see the pathogenic bacteria or micro-organisms are not the cause of morbid conditions, but the results thereof. This has been the bone of contention between the two schools of pathologists; those who believe in micro-organisms as the cause of disease and those who do not. In Dr. Beauchamp’s work “Du Sang et soutioisienn Element Anatom, que,” he explains why both free and functional microzymas exist in the blood, and are invisible under ordinary conditions. They are in a sense imperishable,although they can be destroyed by acids or burnt by fire.

At a meeting at Nautes in 1875, he exhibited the microzymas in their relation to fermentation, and illustrated the subject with drawings, showing the evolution of the microzymas into bacteria and into cellules. Some were seen in the process of formation, and others had already assumed the form of true micro-organisms like the bacteria of disease. He particularly points out how the microzymas, according to the solution in which they were placed, evolved either cellule or bacteria, and according as they evolve bacteria or cellules, they produced lactic acid or alcohol.

Do you claim that you have invented medicine for HIV?

No! I don’t claim anything. But it is true that I have cured HIV-AIDS completely in all its aspects and I have presented herein proper medical evidences. It is left to the world to decide the “Merits & Demerits” of my sayings. I am just telling the world what I have found out and hold the mirror up to nature. “I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…” My patients are my own Judges! I am very much concerned about the streak of smile that appears on the death pale face of my patient when he is getting cured. I don’t want any honour or any other recognition. I am beyond that. I am a very very simple ordinary personality. I think that everything has taken place as per the will of God. Doctors make only efforts and God alone cures. “All the glory goes to God.” (Ella Pugalum Iraivanukke..!”) I am only a puppet & tool in the hands of God. He is my Director. Aids is the drama of God which is now coming to an end. For everything and every beginning there is an end. I remember the famous lines of T.S. Elliot “In my beginning is my end..!” Yes! For every beginning there is definitely an end! I am reminded of Newton’s 3rd Law also - “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. If Aids is killing people why can’t people kill Aids? - We have done it!!! Like John Milton I am also ‘Justifying the ways of God to Men”

What do you think about ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy)? Does it sound good? Do you recommend it?

Now, coming to the question of “Does HIV Exist?” and about the ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy), I refer to the following controversies of great personalities instead of answering your question directly. (Refer: After reading this I hope you will understand the merits and de-merits of undergoing ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) I leave the choice to the infected persons either to follow it or not. Sorry! No Comments On ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy).

I am taking ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) at present from Govt. sources/Service Organizations. If I want to take treatment from you should I stop this?

Certainly! When you come to our Alternative Therapy you should stop all other medicines and take only our medicines. There should not be two swords in a sheath. Further our medicines should not be disturbed by any other medicine. You should simply allow our doze to work. There should not be any hindrance in its way of curing.

What about the diet restrictions?

Aids branded people should definitely avoid coffee and tea. Somewhere Doctor Samuel Hahnemann has stated that Psoric people do not improve so long as they take coffee or tea. Since Aids emanates from the Chronic Miasm Psora Tea and Coffee should be avoided. I have verified this statement during my treatment and found it to be true. Similarly AIDS people should preponderably be vegetarians. They should completely avoid Non-Vegetarian items including egg and fish or whatever it may be. Only vegetable diet improves them a lot. Since consuming alcohol is also a set back people should avoid drinks. Equally bad is smoking. Pan Parak, Petal Nut, Beeda etc., should also be avoided. The patient may take a tumbler or a cup of butter milk three times a day after food. Milk and water helps a lot. They should not mix any kind of artificially flavoured items with milk or water. Just pure milk and pure water enough. Avoid watery fruits. Some catch cold by drinking the juice of watery fruits. Bananas, Grapes, Anar are disagreeable to some constitution. It is better to avoid fruits totally. The patients should carefully avoid salted items like chips, mixture etc. The avoidance of Tamarind has given best results but did not affect the treatment altogether. Simple day-today Vegetarian Food is good for general health and improvement.


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