Sri Suhalaya

AIDS - HIV Fully Cured!
HIV Positive Becomes Negative!
CD4 Cells Increased Enormously!
HIV - AIDS Virus Completely Destroyed!
PCR - RNA - Viral Load - Becomes Undetected!
HIV - AIDS Cured and Proved in All The Blood Tests!
After Cure The Disease Doesn't Come Again!
AIDS - HIV   is "A curable Disease Now!"
Marvellous Achievement!

For Full Cure The Treatment Period Depends Upon The Condition and Constitution of The Patient

However, Minimum Treatment Period is 1 Year


18 Years of Intensive Research Work!

We Are Giving Symptomatic Treatment Through Alternative Medicines and Effect A Permanent Cure.

Medicine For HIV - AIDS..! Alternative Medicine..! - Symptomatic Treatment..! - 75% - 85% of HIV Viruses eliminated from the blood within a Month..! Prolonged Treament Removes Entire Virus From The Blood..! - HIV Positive Becomes Negative..! - VIRAL LOAD (PCR - RNA Quantitative Analysis) Becomes < 50 Undetected after treatment.

Other Effective Services

Special Treatment
Given For
All Sexual Problems!!!

Impotency, Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction, Sperm Count Increasing & Motility Power Increasing

VD - Syphilis - Gonorrhoea

Sterility, Infertility, Pregnancy Problems, Menopause & Uterus Problems.

Get Natural Babies Instead of Test Tube Babies!

Treatments For
Other Chronic Diseases