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M.Sc.,(Psychology), P.G. Diplomo in Guidance Counselling, RHMP., M.D.,(A.M.,), M.A., (Astrology), P.G. Diplomo in Vasthu Sasthra.

M.A., M.PHIL., MFT., MHRM., PGDPHM., DMLT., CHM., DHM., MHMS., MRHS., FRHS., IHMS (California - USA)

About Doctor

Prof. Dr. P. BALASUNDARAM attained the knowledge of Asian Indigenous Medicines from his grandfather who was a traditional Siddha and Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner. Besides medicine, his grandfather taught him astrology also and other religious mode of thoughts. From childhood he had been in direct contact with “Asian Indigenous Medicines”. He learnt the secrets of herbs and his extensive study, research and practice made him to cure most of the incurable chronic diseases.


Saptha Rishi Vaidya Sinthamani, a part of Saptha Rishi Naadi, which was a treasure house of ‘Asian Indigenous Herbs’ exposed various healing methods by various herbs. The secrets of herbs and the curing methods were unfolded like a flower through which he was able to cure the most incurable diseases.

He became a specialist in venereal diseases and even cures syphilis in a single dose of medicine. He is a strong supporter and advocator of Homeopathy system of medicine and follows the footprints of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Apart from handling the Asian Indegenous Medicine he is also very sincere in practicing classical Homeopathy.

He is of the opinion that Aids emanates from deep seated Psora and later combines with Sycotic& Syphilitic Miasms. For all chronic diseases Psora is the primary cause which later combines with other one or two Miasms mingled together. His philosophy is that when Syphilis is cured properly we can cure Aids easily. Accordingly he established a permanent cure of Aids and eradicated the so called HIV virus from the blood stream of an infected person. In this regard he has conquered the theory of Aids.


From 1984 He spent so many years in NAGALAND doing research in the field of INDIGENOUS MEDICINES and rare herbs and was practicing Homoeopathy and Alternative Medicines.

During 1996 & 1997 he wrote some articles on Aids & published them in the Tamil monthly medical journal “Health & Beauty”. His actual research in the field of HIV started during October, 1996 when he published his first Tamil article “Increase of Weight in HIV Patients” . From 1970 he has been doing research in venereal diseases and other infectious diseases. 39 years of extensive research in Homeopathy, Siddha & Ayurvedha System of Medicines has made him to cure any type of venereal diseases based on the Syphilitic Miasm.

He succeeded in eliminating P-24 Antigen (Core Protein of HIV Virus) in 30 days time.In the year 1997 itself,he succeeded in controlling and eliminating the HIV virus from the blood of infected persons and the blood tests proved his success. Later in 2008 he succeeded in reducing the antibodies from the blood of HIV infected patients (HIV – Elisa – Combi – Roche – Germany – HIV–1 antigen & total antibodies to HIV–1 & HIV–2) and created a record. The allopathic practitioners were puzzled by this unbelievable achievement.

During November, 2008 he succeeded in destroying the HIV virus or Aids Virus (whatever it may be – as it is told by the medical world) & established a permanent cure. One HIV positive patient turned negative in all tests. The PCR–RNA Test (HIV – Quantitative Analysis) clearly proved the elimination of HIV virus from the infected patient. (See Case History) The HIV combi (Roche –Germany) – Elisa Test also confirmed the cure of HIV.

He is a specialist in chronic diseases and infectious diseases especially in Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Syphilis & AIDS. He has also rescued numerous people affected by HIV from death and restored them to normal health. When the core protein of HIV (P-24 Antigen) remains positive and detected in the blood of HIV infected person he removes and destroys the core protein within a short period of 30 to 45 days. A minimum treatment of 3 months or a maximum treatment up to 12 months has proved efficacious and the HIV infected person comes to normal life and to our surprise he remains non-infectious and neither his wife nor his children are infected by HIV after marriage.

Loss of Weight, Anorexia, Apthae, Chronic Gastritis, Dyspepsia, Nausea, severe and Chronic Diarrhea are set right by him within a short period. The Pneumocystis Carini Pneumonia (PCP) is cured and the suffocating patient’s lungs are cleared at the earliest. Phthisis, Consumptive &Tubercular tendencies are eradicated and the HIV patient is restored to normal health very soon.

He cures SYPHILIS in a single dose of medicine which is a miracle in the medical world. The Treponema Pallidum which causes SYPHILIS is completely destroyed and removed from the blood. The VDRL Positive becomes Negative at any dilution in 25 days. This is a classical achievement and a boon to sex–workers and other people who indulge in amorous fancies and sex. The minimum dose cures SYPHILIS and also helps to prevent infection also.

To improve the science of Ayurvedha, Unani, Sidha & Homeopathy (AYUSH) he has established a Trust titled “ASIAN INDIGENOUS MEDICINES RESEARCH INSTITUTE CHARITABLE TRUST (AIMRICT)” under which most of the medical activities and research works are performed. Deep research work is going on to explore the possibilities of curing the most incurable diseases and chronic diseases on earth. Even blood cancer is controlled by him and very soon he hopes to establish a complete cure of Blood Cancer.